To date, we've donated over $50,000 for charity through Angel University:

$1,000 to Slice Out Hunger

$1,500 to Frontline Food Trucks (NYC)

$1,000 to Mask Appeal

$5,000 to Frontline Foods

$1,000 to the 1kproject

$500 to the Square Food Foundation

$300 to the Granlibakken Hotel in Tahoe, CA

$500 to the Beauty Lounge, in Minneapolis, MN

$5,000 to The Meal BridgeLA to feed frontline workers at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

$500 to Project Ropa

$4000+ to small business owners on Twitter needing a small helping hand

$500 to Minneapolis Beauty Lounge via TheCoven

$945 to WFH Candles

$1,000 to SVB/Founder’s Pledge

$1,000.00 to GoFund Me - Katie Jacobs Stanton - COVID

$5,000 to United Friends of Children

$300 to

$14,000 to SMASH